Dr. Jahangiri Perspectives of Iranian Food Industry

The site of the Iranian Food Industry Bank was named Dr. Jahangiri as a persistent figure in Iran’s food industry. In the report, according to the book “Pioneers of the Food Industry”, it says:

Parviz Jahangiri was born in Tehran in 1328. After completing a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in food industry, he began his career in this field. From 1972 to 1974, he was the managing director of a food service company. Then he took on the same responsibility for another two years in the same company. After that, the cannery unit was constructed in 1355.

In the years 57 to 61, the National Iranian Industries Organization chose him as a director for several sub-units. He then served as a senior specialist in the Ministry of Industry and became a member of the Board of Directors of a number of undercover companies. Since 2001, ROSANDSHT has been using its experiences as CEO and chairman of the board.

Membership in the Board of Directors of the Dairy Industry Association of Iran, the Association of Starch and Glucose Industries, the establishment of food industry units in the country, research activities in the field of food additives (statables, essential oils, edible dyes, etc.) and advisory services. His major activities are considered.

In order to improve the situation in the industry, he has the following opinion: The food industry is considered as one of the major sectors of the job creation due to its high quality and extensive communication with the agricultural and food sector in the country. For this reason, the need for comprehensive and serious attention of the authorities, determination It requires policy and planning for this department.

 Dr. Jahangiri as the Perspective of Iranian Food Industry