Dr. Parviz Jahangiri

Dr. Parviz Jahangiri is the founder and director of the Pars Steel Industrial Group after graduating and using the knowledge of high-level professors such as the late Mr. Dr. Habibollah Hedayat, the late Mr. Dr. Shahab Vaez, the late Dr. Morteza Maleki, and his … The field of food production began with the construction of a mobile cannery production unit under the name of Pavan in 1354, which was encouraged by the court secretary. And in the years after the Islamic Revolution, he served as the director of state and senior expert in the food industry of the country. In the year 1354, he began his business in the field of trading under the name of Pars Steel Company with the import of food additives. At the same time, with the establishment of the mechanized and semi-industrial starch process company for the first time in the country, production of starch and glucose from flour and wheat Following the experience of this company, 35 other manufacturing units were formed in the mechanized machinery industry. The spirit and motivation of research and production led to the establishment of a dairy unit, a corn starch production unit (Mahshad Yazd), a food additives manufacturing unit, and an addition industry, dairy industry, and glucose and starch in Iran.