Parsesta industrial group


Parsesta industrial group is producing and trading food ingredients and food additives for more than 30 years.

Supply Food ingredients additives

Supplying the high quality raw materials for food industry

Supply Food additius

Supplying the functional food Additives such As food colors, flavors And tabilizers

Researed and development

Our Research and development team Has been produaing many food Ingrediants for the first time in the country

Health-oriented productions

We have commited ourselves to produce health Oriented products in order to improve the communities health.

Social responsibilities

The founders of the group are committed to performing social activities, as they consider them as parsesta industrial group social responsibilities.

Our goal is to exceed the quality expectation of our customers, which is achieved through innovation, technical excellence and continuous improvement.

Sub brands

Over the past thirty years, the spirit and motivation of research and production have led to the formation of a number of companies and brands of the subset of this group that always serve the various sectors of our country's industry.

Parsesta Trading Co.

Supplying with the highest quality raw materials of food industry

Parsesta Research Co.

Research and development in the food industry

Mahshad –yazd co.

Manufacturer of various types of corn starches and derivatives

Biotechnology process co.

Additive manufacturer of food industry


Various kinds of food colors, essential oils, confectionary ingredients and food additives

Nane Shahr

Healthy Bread Producer


Dr parviz jahangiri , the founder and the manager of the parsesta industrial Group,after graduating from the food Engeneering Major, starts production in food industry. He starts his business by producing salted cucumber on 1975 and at the same time He served as the director and food expert in the state. Parsesta industrial Group under his management is trading and producing food additives and food ingrediants since 1989. The morale and motivation of reseand and production led him to establish dairy,corn starch and food addilives factories. Dr .jahangiri also established couple of association such as food additives, dairy industry, starch and glocuse association in Iran. Read more …
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Dr. Parviz Jahangiri

Founder and director of Parsesta Industrial Group


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